International School Students


   FROGS : Find and Reach Our Goals is a volunteering organisation that was established by high school students from all across Japan. As university students, we continue our work with children and students of all ages. Check out our website here for more:
   With this experience, we created EduHub, which focuses on teaching mathematics and English to students. Our staff consists of students from various backgrounds: Japanese university students, American university students, returnees, IB&SAT experienced students, international school educated students et etc. 


   Our curriculum is based solely on each and every students’ needs. 
   Upon discussing with teacher, parent and student, we will strive to build a programme that is unique to each students’ education, and that is not just based on workbooks and textbooks. For younger students, this includes new innovative lessons, and for older students, this includes learning not just the basics but beyond that, in preparation for university. Whether you're looking for someone who has a background in the British curriculum, the French curriculum or the American curriculum, our wide range of teachers will fully support the learning of every subject in difficulty, style and method, so please contact us directly to see if there is anything we can do for you!

For Primary School Students




   Many of our teachers have graduated international schools and as a result, are fully prepared to teach writing, oral comprehension, poetry and other aspects of the English subject. Each of our worksheets are picked and chosen for each student and when there are no appropriate worksheets available, they are created directly by us. 


  Our current programmes for younger students (including primary and under) are focused on helping build the basics of mathematics and helping support school education. In addition, International schools have a tendecy to pick a different mathematical topic each week, and for many students, it can be quite difficult to keep up with. EduHub can provide stable support so as not only to keep up with the changing topic, but to provide a fuller explanation so that each student can have a firmer understanding on the topic at hand before moving on to the next one. 

   For those students especially interested in science, we provide at home science experiment classes that can be held in person at home or even online!


Some classes we've done are:

What are PH levels? - Let’s find out the PH levels of different foods! -
Learning about Biology through kilifish (Japanese medaka)
Liquid Density - Will an egg float or sink in water? - 
Light & Colour
Optical Illusions


For Secondary School Students



   English can be a tricky subject, especially when it comes to GSCE, A Levels, SAT and IB testing. Fortunately, many of our teachers are experienced in these kinds of exams and can help guide your way through the trickiness that comes with the subject. 
   English levels can vary quite a lot, so it's difficult to say what kind of programme is best, but send us an email and we'll have a little chat to see what's best suited for you!


Mathematics & Science

   Mathematics & Sciences are difficult subjects, but our teachers are well experienced in teaching all the small details that are vital to understanding these subjects. 
   What's also important is that your questions get solved quickly. It's never great to leave your queries unanswered, so our goal at EduHub is to respond to your questions as soon as possible. Have a big exam soon and think you'll need some help? Let us know a week before and on top of regular classes we'll be available to answer your questions by chat and email!


Pour les étudiants du lycée français 


   Le français peut s'avérer complexe pour de nombreux élèves, qui ne comprennent toujours pas ce que leur professeur leur demande. Notamment, l'épreuve de français du bac inquiète un grand nombre de lycéens chaque année. Cela est tout particulièrement vrai pour les étudiants au profil plus scientifique qui ne voient pas l'intérêt de la matière. À cet égard, EduHub vous propose de travailler avec des professeurs ayant fait l'intégralité de leurs études en France, et qui connaissent parfaitement les tenants et les aboutissants de la matière.
Mathematiques et Science

   Les mathématiques telles qu'enseignées en France se focalisent sur l'apprentissage de telle formule ou telle méthode, et la répétition en boucle de celles-ci dans le cadre de problèmes standardisés. Assez peu de place est faite à la réflexion mathématique pure, c'est-à-dire à la recherche de solutions dans un problème ouvert, ou bien l'étude de la démonstration d'une formule. Ces aspects des mathématiques sont pourtant essentiels à la compréhension de la matière. C'est pour cela qu'EduHub vous propose de travailler avec des professeurs qui passeront davantage de temps sur le côté théorique des mathématiques. Au premier abord, cela peut sembler plus compliqué, mais a fortiori, c'est ainsi que le niveau d'un élève peut augmenter sur le long terme.